On Variety (Bette Gordon & Nan Goldin)

March 2022

Vitrine III: Variety - Bette Gordon

- For this week I wanted to share Nan Goldin‘s photos taken on the shoot of Variety, Bette Gordon’s“ enigmatic feminist classic“, screenplay by Kathy Acker. The Film is also a wonderful time capsule of 1980 New York downtown. Here is a small excerpt from the cineaste magazine on the film: „ Is it revolutionary for a woman to look? Arguably not, but within the terms and texts of cinema, it is most definitely bold and subversive. Treading on the literal and figurative footpaths of film noir and Hitchcockian suspense, Gordon’s Variety takes place on a grimy edge at the center of New York City—pre-Giuliani Times Square (although the actual Variety Photoplay theater was located on Third Avenue in New York’s East Village)—and follows an attractive blonde box office cashier at a porn theater whose curiosity about a regular theater attendee turns into an obsession with his intriguingly murky, possibly mob-connected, dealings and goings-on. „ full article : https://www.cineaste.com/spring2021/variety #variety#bettegordon#kathyacker#nangoldin

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